When to Go

The cruising season in Bermuda starts in late April and continues through November. Most cruises span seven nights, with ships typically docking for several nights in Bermuda. Some ships will stay in one port, while others will visit two.

Bermuda is zealous about preserving its idyllic personality and restricts the number of cruise passengers that may disembark on any given day. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for cruise lines to limit the number of cabins with triple or quadruple occupancy on a Bermuda sailing. So for families planning to cruise the archipelago, it’s a good idea to plan ahead.

Bermuda rarely experiences extremes of hot or cold weather, with temperatures hovering in the 70s and 80s during the peak cruise season of April through November. During summer, the air is somewhat drier. Rainfall, generally, is spread evenly throughout the year. Rainfall generates Bermuda’s only supply of fresh water, so the few storms are welcome. As for hurricanes, the region is less susceptible than the Caribbean. However, Bermuda does occasionally get hit, usually every seven years or so, according to the tourism board.

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